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A Small Pet for Your Child?

Children can learn many of life’s lessons by having and caring for a pet: responsibility, trust, compassion, respect, dealing with grief, loyalty, patience, and more. For many families, a small animal is a good choice as a child’s first pet as they tend to take less space, are easier to care for, cost less, and […]

Why Dogs Make the Best Pets

Cats had their chance in the January issue, so it seems only fair to hear from the dogs. Why do dogs make the best pets? Read on…

Chew On This

Chewing is an instinctual, normal behaviour for both wild and domesticated dogs.

Ticks Can’t Jump or Fly!

They also don’t drop down from trees. However, they can attach themselves to our dogs (and to us as well!) and they do feed on blood, swelling up in the process, all of which is pretty gross and just a bit creepy. But taking a few precautions and dealing with any ticks that do show […]

How to train a cat in 10 days

Well, maybe a little longer…but it can be done! 😹 There’s a great book out by Sarah Ellis and John Bradshaw called The Trainable Cat. Sarah Ellis was interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air which is when this training came to our attention, and we were so impressed that we knew we had to share the […]