Keeping Your Pets Hydrated Especially During the Summer

We know how important it is for us to keep hydrated on walks and hikes; it can be a serious situation when we are dehydrated. The same goes for your pets and they rely on us to keep them hydrated and fed a healthy diet. We are their last resort for a long and healthy life. Both dogs and cats drink a lot and need fresh water daily. Just count the times that hear your doggo sloshing and lapping at their water bowl. The bigger dogs leave quite a splashy mess, don’t they? In this article, we aim to share a few bits of knowledge and a few more tips on some essential ways to keep your pets happy and healthy and hydrated!

Some facts on pets and water

We know what our bodies are comprised of roughly 60% water; that sounds like a fair bit, right? Your dog and cat are 80% water! This is why hydration is so important. On average a small (lap) dog requires 1-2 cups per day, a medium-sized dog needs 4-6 cups and big dogs over 60 pounds are drinking over 6 cups a day! But that’s just a baseline. In hot weather and days of higher activity, that number can double, so when you’re out with your pup, you need to bring a lot of extra water.

There are so many great ways to water your dog that we wanted to share a few of the easier tricks as well as showcase some great travel gear for those trips that you’ll be taking soon!

A few ideas to keep your pooch hydrated

Abundance of options

Place 2 or 3 bowls of water around the house, bearing in mind that there may be splash’age and spill’ery around where you place the bowls. Dogs live in the moment and you always want to provide options for them to drink. They could stroll by one bowl and think: meh! Then a moment later they’re lapping up freshwater with gusto in the other room.

Fit the bowl to the pet

You want to ensure that your pet is getting the right amount of freshwater daily so be sure to fit the water bowl to the dog. A small dog is only going to need a couple of cups a day (on a relaxed day) so don’t drop down a cauldron that holds 6 cups just because it’s convenient for YOU. The bowl, or bowls, should be big enough to hold a little more than necessary to ensure that you are refilling the bowl each day with fresh water.

For the picky drinker

Dogs are generally happy-go-lucky as we mentioned, they live in the moment. Cats on the other hand, well they’re all kinds of picky sometimes. From “I don’t like wet food” to “I don’t like dry food” to “I won’t drink from still water!”. Enter the water fountain. Water fountain-type watering bowls are a lot of fun. They mimic moving water, or a tap or a creek, or whatever a cat likes. Something different which your cat might enjoy drinking from. A happy cat is a healthy cat so try a few options if you don’t think your pet is drinking enough. It just might be a bit fussy.

Check out this perfect little fountain with several flow patterns and a serious water filter which you can buy right here.

Moisten the kibble!

This goes for both cats and dogs and there are so many creative ways to help keep your pet hydrated, especially when it’s hot out. As we know, dogs pant to stay cool, their huge tongues are their air conditioning unit. It’s easy to add some moisture to their food by simply adding water. Or, there are more nutritious methods like super tasty pour-over raw food toppers that your dog or cat will LOVE! Give a little less of that dry, dusty kibble and drop a bountiful, tasty layer of yummy goodness.

Needs some ideas? Here is a long list of fresh, yummy toppers for cats and dogs: Yummy Food Toppers

Don’t forget about playtime and camping

Watering your pet during playtime and camping and runs is super important. Trail running dogs go through a lot of water. Planning your run near creeks and lakes always helps, but carrying water for you both is the key. When you’re out camping or at a park, planning out easy ways to keep water on hand will save you and your pet a lot of grief. Fortunately for you, we have a killer sale on a whole host of super-great travel bowls and other watery, feedy things.

Pet Travel Bottles and Bowls on sale

We hope you’ve learned a few things and have some fresh ideas on keeping your pet hydrated all year round. If you need any more ideas, just give us a holler or drop by the store! We’d love to meet you and your furry children.

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