Pets 4 Life Dog Frozen Raw Frozen Box 10lbs

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Brand: PETS 4 LIFE
Product Type: Dog Food

A better way to feed your fur baby


Think about it. We place great importance on our own health and food choices. Quality produce, top cuts of protein, daily balance and we even optimize our healthy choices with multi-vitamins or other supplements. So, wouldn’t it make sense to approach our pet’s nutrition the same way? We believe there shouldn’t be any difference.

Our focus is on artisanal ingredients and building healthy habits for your pet. That’s why every ingredient in Pets4Life recipes is there for a specific purpose and we never cut corners when it comes to quality. We use restaurant grade cuts of protein, locally sourced vegetables (as often as possible) and every product is made right here in Canada. When it comes to healthy habits for your pet, we recommend rotating proteins 3-4 times per month and adding an omega-3 oil and green lipped mussel supplement for optimal health.

An easy, feel-good way to keep them healthy


Let’s face it, time is something we all want more of and feeding your pet shouldn’t have to take up too much of it. With that in mind, we created our thoughtfully formatted Medallions and Mini Bites. Now you can simply, remove the bag from the freezer, shake your pets required portion out of the bag into a container, thaw portion in the refrigerator overnight and away you go!

In the fridge once thawed, Pets4Life will remain fresh for up to 3 days and our packaging is 100% recyclable. See? Easy and feel good.

Less expensive 

than vet bills


Did you know that according to the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA), Canadians spend $872 on veterinary care per year for their pet? We consider that to be expensive and unnecessary given that most vet visits can be avoided by proper diet, such as skin conditions, stomach issues, ear infections, allergies, etc. The improvement in your pets health by feeding a raw diet and with less trips to the vet, will leave you wondering why you didn’t make the switch ages ago!

It gets the safety check


We believe good quality can only be complemented by proper safety measures and protocols. Our team of highly trained individuals ensure food safety is followed at every step of the process and that’s why we only use federally or provincially inspected human grade ingredients, follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and meticulously track to ensure traceability and transparency for all of our products.

How to do it right,
from day one


Switching is easy! For both dogs and cats, we recommend skipping a meal then switching directly from a kibble diet to a raw diet. Select an easily digestible protein (we recommend turkey) to feed for the first 2 weeks. To help keep things running smoothly from the start, we recommend adding a digestive aid for those first two weeks too.

Cats can be a bit more finicky. If your cat is a picky eater, we recommend purchasing some higher quality canned cat food and slowly mixing in a bit of raw to the canned food. Over time, increase the amount of raw meat and decrease the amount of wet canned food until a complete transition has been achieved.

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