RDBK - Beef Hocks Bulk 6-7lbs

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Brand: RDBK

We know that giving raw bones to our pets provides them with many benefits including

  • A natural source of calcium
  • Nature’s toothbrush—chewing raw bones helps remove plaque and keeps teeth and gums clean and healthy
  • Excellent mental stimulation—for dogs in particular, chewing raw bones is like solving a puzzle and can provide hours of enjoyment and mental activity!


At RDBK, we believe that since we use animals in our food for other animals, we should show animals in the food chain respect by a) treating them ethically and b) ensuring that as many parts as possible of each animal gets used!

While Femur and Knuckle bones are well known and popular, other parts of bone joints, like Hocks, often get left behind! Many of these beautiful and nutritious bones are discarded either at the processing plant or by secondary manufacturers. We believe this is wasteful and we want to see the waste stopped!

While plastic and other packaging is, of course, a concern for the environment, the environmental impact of raising cows and other ruminants is orders of magnitude higher.

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