Why Cats Make the Best Pets

No… it’s not our intention to stir up controversy so early in the new year in our new look newsletter (did you notice?), but what the heck, maybe a little bit of spirited discussion wouldn’t be that bad… But cats really do make the best pets, and here’s why.

There are plenty of people who will stomp their feet and insist that felines make the best pets, and that all other pets are just not up to par. As it turns out, though, more will disagree: A recent survey about pets done by the National Geographic Society found that 52 percent of people prefer dogs, 21 percent prefer cats and the remaining 27 percent just can’t make a decision. (Another finding of this survey was that 20% of people would rather spend time with their pets than with other people. Really? It’s that low?) It’s worth noting that cat people could suggest this survey is bunk, pointing out that it found that 18% of people believe the Loch Ness monster is real.

Now, giving cat people the opportunity to make their case, here are the top ten reasons, in no particular order, why cats make the best pets:

  1. Cats are very good with children, teaching them social skills, helping them cope with difficult situations, and possibly reducing their chances of developing allergies.
  2. Cats cost less than dogs, especially medium or larger dogs, because they eat less, usually need fewer toys, and hardly ever need grooming.
  3. Cats are great pets for apartment dwellers. They readily take to using litter boxes, don’t need much exercise, and they are quiet.
  4. Cats can be entertaining, playful, and a lot of fun if you trigger their hunting instincts with toys like a mouse on a string.
  5. Cats don’t usually make you feel bad when you leave them. In fact, a lot of the time they just don’t care.
  6. Cats are more intelligent than they usually get credit for. They keep on learning throughout their lives and they have excellent memories.
  7. Cats are clean. They don’t roll in foul smelling substances, they don’t track mud into the house, and all that self-grooming means you don’t have to do it, and you don’t have to pay someone else to do it.
  8. Cats seldom make a mess when they are eating or drinking.
  9. Cats purr, and what sound could be as nice to listen to, or as soothing?
  10. Cats mostly have good long lives, averaging twelve to fourteen years.
  11. Cats don’t go crazy when you have company. They don’t get all excited, make a lot of noise, jump up, and have you ever heard of a crotch-sniffing cat?
  12. Cats keep pests out. In addition to keeping your home rodent free, they will usually keep it cleared of spiders, moths, crickets, and other creepy-crawly things.

Yes, that’s twelve reasons, not ten, and maybe you have more that you will share with us. If so, please click here.

Next month, we’ll look at why dogs make the best pets. Click here to help us out by giving us some of your reasons.