Why Dogs Make the Best Pets

Cats had their chance in the January issue, so it seems only fair to hear from the dogs. Why do dogs make the best pets? Read on…

Dogs are incredibly loyal, so they contribute positively to your emotional well being. When all your human friends have abandoned you or are otherwise too busy, your dog will still be there, still believing that you are the greatest thing ever. You are your dog’s number one priority. You can’t beat that kind of dedication and unconditional love.

Dogs have a relentlessly positive attitude that is hard to resist. Just about anything is exciting to a dog, whether you are getting up to go to the park for some ball throwing, or just to go to the bathroom. Those bright, shiny and anticipating eyes and that wagging tail make everything that happens a great adventure. Let your dog show you the good stuff in life: your troubles will melt away.

Dogs are great for your physical health, because they need to get up and go and you need to go with them. Time for a walk. Time to play fetch. Time for dinner. Time to go outside. There’s always something that urgently needs your attention and your energy.

Dogs are terrific at helping you expand your social horizons. Dog walkers who meet on the street inevitably end up in a conversation, and dog parks typically have groups of people enjoying each other’s company while their dogs are romping around. Go out with your dog and make new friends!

The best greeting you’ll ever get when returning home is from your dog. No one else ever comes close to showing how happy they are to see you. Sometimes you only need to be gone for a half hour or so and your dog will greet you like you’ve been gone a week. Pretty good for the old self esteem.

Dogs are very smart, and their highly social nature has made them very trainable. With consistency and effectiveness, they can learn pretty much anything and become a well behaved companion.

Dogs can understand you. A recent discovery that dogs can distinguish between human facial expressions suggests that they can tell when you are happy or sad. That’s why they always seem to know what you need from them.

Dogs just seem to fit into our lives. Sure, they can bring some disorder, they may track muddy paws into the house, and leave dust bunnies of shedded fur under the furniture, but they add something to us that nothing else seems to be able to do. That’s why dogs make the best pets.