Our Pet Store is Locally owned and operated
for over 25 years.

Our smart helpful staff are well equipped, well educated, and care about our customers and their pets. Every day we do all we can to provide the best information, advice, nutrition and care available, to help our customers build and preserve healthy and rewarding relationships with their pets. This is our pet store philosophy.

Our customers come first. We listen to you, respect you, and truly value the relationship we have with you. Our pet store family includes our staff, our customers (that’s you!) and their pets. But above all, the health and safety of each of your pets is our most heartfelt concern.

Our products and services reflect a holistic, responsible treatment of the environment and animal health. We are much more than a pet store. We’ve been in business since 1990, and there are many reasons for our success. Come see us, and you’ll find The Best for your Pet!

Happy Customers

I have been going to A Pet’s Life in Oak Bay since it first opened! I love to visit with Sal as I come in and leave the store. The staff know what they are talking about and they give you individual attention to your needs.

Jennifer S.

This is the best pet supply store in Victoria, staff is awesome. Very knowledgeable and passionate about helping you with your pets.


The staff are super helpful and friendly and I love the products they sell. I get all my pet supplies from them.

Jennifer L.

Helpful staff, great products!


Fantastic knowledgeable staff!


Best pet food store…great staff and service.


I buy all my pet supplies from A Pet’s Life and I have to say the staff there are great and especially Mark… he always goes above and beyond for us, he always has great advice and ideas.


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Our customers come first.

We listen to them, respect them, and truly value the relationship we have with them.

We know our stuff

We’re well equipped, well educated, and we care about you and your pets.

Welcome to the family!

Our family includes our staff, customers and pets. Health and safety is our top concern.

Caring for pets is our life.

Helping Victoria pet owners like you get the best advice and nutrition possible.