Grooming your dog at home

Grooming your dog at home

Home Grooming

The weather is getting noticeably warmer and your dog is getting noticeably … dirtier. A few
quick calls to local groomers prove that Fido is either destined to stay this way for a while, or
it’s up to you to give your (very) furry friend an at-home makeover he fully needs and deserves.
Grooming your dog at home doesn’t have to be difficult, but it’s important to follow these simple
steps to ensure your dog not only comes out smelling clean but looking great too! Grooming
can be an overwhelming experience for some dogs, so always be sure to take it slow and follow
your dog’s lead.

Step One – Prepare Yourself

You do not want to go into this home grooming experience unprepared. Do your research,
watch a few YouTube videos, but most importantly, have everything you may need on hand.
Some of the important items include dog shampoo and conditioner, brushes, clippers, scissors,
nail clippers, lots and lots of towels, patience and perhaps an umbrella to hide behind when he
inevitably shakes all of the soapy water all over you and your chosen bathing area.

Step two – Prepare Your Dog

Never bathe a dog that has not been brushed out. Thick, matted fur holds water, which will not
only make the matting worse, but be painful for your friend once his hair is dry.

Step three – Bath time

Use warm water and shampoo and conditioner that was formulated for dogs; some target
specific skin issues, hair types or shedding. Tip, at this time of year, dogs tend to have drier skin
and fur, so spoil your pet with moisturizing aloe or oatmeal-based products for a healthy coat.

Step four – Dry and Trim

Once he is out of the bath and fully-dried, give him another once over with the brush to get out
any remaining tangles. Now is where those YouTube videos will come in handy; whether you
choose to use electric trimmers or trim up areas that are in need of a little love (usually the face,
paws and sanitary areas), take it slow and follow the growth of your dog’s hair. Also, be sure to
read the instructions fully to know which blade is best for your dog and how short it will cut. The
last thing you want is for him to have patches of different lengths of fur.

Step five – Nails

Select a pair of nail clippers that fit the size of your dog and be sure not to cut too low to stay
clear of the nail quick – the area of nerves and blood vessels inside the nail. It is a good idea to
have some cornstarch on hand in case you do hit this area to help stop the bleeding.

Step six – Treats
Once your home grooming session is complete be sure to reward your pet for his good behaviour. This is also the time to treat yourself as well.

At A Pet’s Life, we have a great selection of home grooming products. If you
have any questions about which products would be best for your pet, please don’t hesitate to
ask. We love answering questions just as much as we love seeing your happy, clean pets.