5 Easy Ways to Entertain Pets When Working from Home

Working from home with your pet

Keeping our pets entertained while working from home can be challenging, especially when you’re working long days or are always on a Zoom call! Despite how busy we might be, our pets need mental stimulation to help keep their minds sharp and to nurture their instincts, especially as they grow older.  Let’s take a look at 5 simple yet effective (and fun!) ways you can keep your pet entertained while you work from home.


Give your dog something to chew

Dogs love to chew, so let’s give them something to gnaw on (besides the couch!). Provided the chew toy is the appropriate size for your dog, this will keep your dog busy and entertained while avoiding any destructive behavior. Try one of our quiet Hush toys or Benebone’s to keep your pup busy when you are!

Try interactive toys for your cat

Cats are tiny little hunters, and they love trying to hunt down and catch things! To stimulate their
senses and their hunting instincts, you can use interactive toys like puzzle toys lasers, and
interactive tunnels to keep them busy (and their instincts busy, too).

Give them treat puzzles

Treat puzzles are a simple yet effective way to entertain pets as they hunt for treats and will keep
them busy for hours. They’re also a great way to train your dog’s or cat’s minds!

Get longer walks in earlier

If your dog appears to be bored while you’re working from home or has lots of energy in the
morning, consider taking them for a long walk or jog in the early morning. This will help them burn
off excess energy and give them a daily dose of exercise.

Make pet popsicles!

Not only are pet popsicles a great way to make healthy, nutrient-rich treats for your pets at home,
but dogs and cats alike will be kept busy licking and eating their popsicles while you’re on work calls
or getting projects done! Pet-healthy ingredients like bone broth, goat’s milk and
other nutrient-rich foods right from your fridge can make popsicles delicious and good for your pet!

With these 5 simple yet effective ways you can keep your pet entertained all day!
If you’re looking for new and healthy toys, treats, and accessories for your furry friend, stop by our
store or shop our variety of products online. We have an array of goodies for your pet that will keep
them entertained and stimulate their senses!

How To Tell Your Dog That You Love Them in Ways They Will Understand

Owning a dog is one of the greatest joys in life—they have so much love to give, they offer comfort, playfulness, and an innate level of understanding. Learning how to reciprocate their unbounding loyalty can build an even stronger bond between you and your pet. Here are some helpful tips to spread the love!


Most dogs love ear rubs! Their ears are full of nerve endings and rubbing them releases endorphins, making them feel good.


Feeding your dog by hand shows that you’re a food provider—very important for a pack animal. This helps create a strong bond, especially for puppies. Don’t overdo it and don’t allow any sign of food grabbing or aggression. Use feeding by hand as an opportunity to teach dog patience.


Our furry friends listen to our tone, and see our body language, to tell him that you love him, and mean it!


Learn how dogs communicate and relate to them that way. For example, most dogs don’t like being hugged. Don’t approach them directly. Don’t expect them to like strangers. Knowing how they communicate will help them feel less stressed and they will associate you with those feelings.


Dogs lean on people because they want to be close to them. By nature, dogs are social animals. Most dogs enjoy physical contact with their humans. Check out our article on why dogs lean on you here, to learn more.


Don’t stare, that’s intimidating to a dog. Eye contact with soft expressions are read as positive and caring by your pet.


Petting releases oxytocin which make them feel good.


Using positive reinforcement shows that you care for your dog. Use food, praise, and play, which are things dogs like, and helps him to understand how you feel about him.


Another thing that most dogs love, they have fun and will enjoy being with you. Bonding with him occurs naturally, but it takes time from you.

While most of these tips are second-nature to dog owners, they’re great to keep in mind, especially if your dog is new to the family, and to ensure your pal is living their best life!

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