Traveling With Your Dog

When you travel locally and you have a dog, there’s no question, they’re coming with you! You’ve got the back seat covered and some great tunes to keep you occupied as you gobble up the highway miles, but your pooch is going to need to be entertained, exercised, watered and all the normal doggy things that you take care of at home. We’ve put together a few super helpful gadgets and stuff that will make your pet travels so much more bearable for both you and your pet; well, in this case, it’s a dog.
Camping with a dog next to a lake

Splash-Free Water Bowls

You know what we mean, right? Put a panting, thirsty doggo next to an open bowl of water and you’re going to end up with a Picasso water painting on the floor of your van or wherever you drop the bowl. Its wedge design is to allow you to ‘water your dog’ on the back seat which is tapered and keeps the mess completely inside the bowl! If anything is going to save you on those long trips (except perhaps the showerhead down below), it’s this splash-free dog water bowl from Kurgo. We’ll even demo it for you, just ask! We absolutely love them. They hold up to 24oz, are made from food-grade silicone and can be used for water or food. Shop here

Foldable Vehicle Dog Ramp

As your doggies age, their joints get a little unstable (know what I mean?). Dogs and hips are notorious for getting a little out of sorts as they age. The impact of jumping down from your car trunk can cause long-term issues that we don’t notice until it’s too late. It’s heartbreaking when your best walking or hiking buddy is in distress or visibly limping. Why not make their lives a whole lot easier with an extremely durable and lightweight, foldable ramp. This groovy ramp is just the thing that can make going out for walks enjoyable again and can hold up to 200lbs! Shop here

Incredible Travel Dog Shower

We’ve been there. You’re out in the woods for a hike and your buddy disappears for a short time. When they find you again, panting and full of pride, it hits you; the stench. He’s managed to find a rotten ‘something’ that you’d rather not know and you can barely breathe. Dogs love to roll in sh… er, stuff. The smellier the better, right? Or, if you’re just looking to clean off a layer of mud, this travel dog shower adapter is a life-saver (and a car or even relationship saver!). This hardy little nozzle fits on the end of most standard 2-litre pop bottles and more! Turn your lightweight water bottle into a super functional dog shower. You can get a couple of minutes out of a single 2-litre bottle. This is a MUST for any dog travel kit. Shop here

Floating Fetch Skipping Rocks

This is one of our neatest travel toys that we have available. It’s water playtime with these ingenious, floating, skipping rocks. Skipp them over the surface of the water and watch the doggos go mad chasing them down. These brightly coloured skippers will keep you both in shape throwing and retrieving all day long. Remember though, these particular toys aren’t meant to be chewed on, they’re a fetching toy, so try to limit the amount of chewing that they do on these little things. Give them a once over each time you toss them in case your pooch is a serious chewer. Shop here 
Be sure to check out our complete line of great travel gear for you and your dog. We’ve always got sales going on so drop by and introduce us to your travel buddy.